About Al Ameer Restaurants

Established in 1989 on the outskirts of Detroit in Dearborn, Al Ameer Restaurant is a fixture and “go-to” choice for Detroiters in search of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Khalil Ammar and partner Zaki Hashem, together with their sons and a dedicated staff, provide patrons of Al Ameer with a genuine ethnic experience at two locations just minutes from the city. Of the original five Middle Eastern restaurants that started back in the 80s, only Al Ameer and one other remain, and that is a testament to the quality of the culinary experience offered by this brand. Michigan has long been associated with Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine, and Al Ameer is a great representative of the culinary cultures within the region.

The Al Ameer menu starts with farm freshness. When possible, local farmers play an important role on the menu with offers of fruits and vegetables sourced at the local farm market. The owners control the supply chain for their meats to ensure only the freshest cuts make it from farm to table, and the original recipes chart the course for goodness. High quality, all natural ingredients are the reason for the enduring success of this restaurant.

Family Oriented

We strive to provide a family-friendly environment for our customers.

Catering & Banquets

Al Ameer offers a variety of catering services and banquet options for any occasion.

Valet Services

We offer complimentary valet services for certain events upon request. Book today!


100% Halal Certified

Each of our delicious Mediterranean cuisines and dishes are 100% halal certified.

The Al Ameer menu begins early in the morning and features authentic Middle Eastern breakfast specialties. People of all ages and ethnicities will appreciate the distinct flavors offered here. From appetizers and soup, to salads, including Fattoush, or romaine lettuce tossed with fried pita chips, tomato, cucumber, parsley, and dressed in sumac dressing, to Tabbouli Salad chopped and diced in all its finery, there is something for everyone. No authentic Lebanese meal is complete without house-made hommous. Freshly pureed chickpeas mixed with tahini and lemon juice are the basis for this Lebanese staple and an ethnic flavor that has gained popularity everywhere.

Shish Kabob and all other entrees are made-to-order, including the Shawarma consisting of all natural beef, thinly sliced and vertically grilled to seal in the flavor. Entrees come with a nice variety of side options including babaghanoush, white rice, or lentil soup, to name a few. There is no flash freezing of ingredients at Al Ameer and no use of MSG or other flavor enhancers.

  • Al Ameer is the largest Middle Eastern restaurant in Wayne County including one location that is over 13,000 square feet.
  • The Al Ameer menu is consistent with dining trends and consumer desires for wholesome, natural, farm freshness, and the brand responds to well to publics desires for restaurants with more healthful menu options.
  • Al Ameer offers a Mediterranean ambiance that is inviting and comfortable. The owners take great pride in being the place where families get together to enjoy a meal.

The strength of the Al Ameer brand rests with the Detroit metropolitan population. The brand has a diverse customer base. The restaurant originally started because Wayne County houses the largest population of Middle Easterners in one specific area outside of the Middle East, but as consumers’ desires for ethnic flavors have grown, so has the size of Al Ameer’s following. The brand attributes its success to high standards for freshness and adherence to original recipes that are popular and tasty. Al Ameer’s slogan, “Proud to be authentic” says it all.

For more than two decades, Al Ameer has served high quality, all natural ethnic cuisine to a dedicated customer base. The driving force behind Al Ameer is our chef-driven menu of made-to-order specialties. At Al Ameer, we will offer a full premium juice bar. Signature smoothies, raw juices, and fresh baked pita bread made with only the freshest ingredients.

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